Why Cherry Picker Hire is Better than Purchasing

Cherry pickers are an excellent piece of equipment because they can be used for safely and successfully completing a wide range of projects at height, from painting and cleaning to sign writing and maintenance. You have the option of buying a cherry picker, or hiring it for your projects. There are a number of advantages of going with cherry picker hire than actually purchasing it. Some of these are highlighted as follows:


First things first, hiring a cherry picker gives you the freedom and flexibility to get it only when you need, whether it is for a day, a full week, or even a month. Your financial outlay is reduced and it also eliminates the need for storage when you are not using it. Plus, cherry picker hire gives you access to various models without having to buy multiple pieces of equipment, so you can get a cherry picker tailored to the job you are doing.

Safety and compliance

Hiring a cherry picker gives you access to well-maintained and updated equipment. Rental companies are known to get the latest equipment for their fleet and ensure that all of it meets the highest standards for safety and quality. Hence, the cherry picker can meet your needs without compromising on safety.


Buying a cherry picker can require a lot of money, especially for a small business. If it is only needed for sporadic jobs, it is better to rent than paying the full cost. Moreover, hiring means that you can also stop worrying about the ongoing servicing and maintenance costs. There is a lot of maintenance required with cherry pickers, all of which comes at a price. Hiring means that maintenance is the responsibility of the rental company and not yours, so you can save a substantial amount of money in the long run.